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Armour on the Wastes (AOTW) was born as the high school sci-fi tank dream of our lead programmer. Years later, after much modding and work on other projects, he decided to pick it up again and see what could be done with a team—more people, more skills, more fun. From early 2014 until June 2017, that team fluctuated in size but worked constantly to develop a full indie game. Most notably, these efforts culminated in the AOTW team having a table at the 2016 Seattle Indies Expo.

AOTW was positioned as an independent, genre defying action, strategy and role-playing sci-fi tank game. As a brave mercenary of the Knights of EOS, the player would take control of a single tank and strive to complete the objectives assigned by paying clients. It was a tank game that was more about tactical and strategic prowess than reflexes—you had to use the right weapons at the right time and always be cognizant of the terrain.

Although the goal was to develop and sell a fully-fledged indie game, day job and life commitments eventually caught up with us. Nevertheless, because we put so much loving work into the project, we wanted people to at least be able to play and enjoy as much of the game as possible (hence this free demo for you)!

So, as a team we wish to thank anyone who followed us during our development process and everyone who takes the time to play this demo. We wish we had even more for you, but we hope you enjoy!

Please feel free to send feedback or other inquiries to any of the listed contact info on the credits screen. 

And, if you liked the music, you can listen to it separately on SoundCloud!

Install instructions

Extract the .zip file for your system and run the nw.exe file.

Music is deactivated when the level begins. To activate music once you have begun playing, hit "Escape" and then "Toggle Music." 


AOTW-win64.zip 277 MB
AOTW-win32.zip 267 MB

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